Easter Brunch Ideas

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Easter seems to be the ultimate brunch holiday. Brunch is the time where you can combine savoury and sweet in every dish. Here are some great recipes to make this Easter:

Get a bit crafty: Turning food into a work of art is not only eye appealing but also delicious. Try out these adorable macaroon nests!

Flip it over: …Again and again! Pancakes are an everyday staple for many breakfasts, and these pancakes are ultra special: with the secret ingredients of fruit and chocolate, these pancakes will be a brunch favourite.

Something savoury: Quiche is another brunch favourite, and you add tons of flavour with it too! Mix and match with ingredients, and try this unique hash brown quiche!

Something refreshing: A refreshing fruit based drink is always goes well with brunch!

An Easter tradition: Easter is known for freshly baked breads, including hot cross buns. Try these delicious hot cross buns for Easter brunch!

Friday Favourites: Fitness Gear



Now that Spring is finally here, it’s time to enjoy the beautiful weather outside by getting out of the hibernation: exercising!
Some tips to not forget when you work out is to pack what you need, balance yourself, hydrate and wear comfortable clothing.

Pack: Getting a good, durable bag can add endless possibilities to your workout. Carry your clothes, some snacks and maybe even some equipment!
Hydrate: It’s always important to keep yourself hydrated when working. Water is the best choice of drink, so fill up that reusable bottle!
Balance: Get yourself a durable yoga mat and start out your workout with a few stretches and simple yoga stretches.
Wear: Wear some comfortable shoes and a light t-shirt when you workout!

Trendy Tech Accessories



Technology has become more and more advanced, up to date and not to mention–stylish! Here are some cool technology accessories!

iPhone Case: Bring in the new iPhone cases! There’s not a whole lot of places that carry cases for the latest Apple phone…but Sonix is a great start!

Tech Wallet/Wristlet: Good for on the go, a tech wallet or wristlet can keep your smartphone safe and secure. Don’t worry about scratches, or dropping your phone ever again, once you store it inside a stylish compartment like this.

iPad Case: Again, keep your technology safe in a stylish case…with the growth of iPads and tablets, there are more and more cases out there to choose from.

Laptop Bag: Keep your laptop in this laptop case…along with a charger, a notepad, maybe a pack of gum too. Many laptop cases come with pockets inside and durable handles for you to carry around everywhere.

Charger: Who knew that chargers can look stylish too! Finish mixing and matching all of your tech gear with a cute charger!

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On Taking Risks…



Ever since the new year started, there has been that one common thought that go through everyone’s mind: New Year’s resolutions.

Whether you break them, follow them, or bend them slightly, those New Year’s Resolutions end up being the most important thought of the year. Yes, even more important that the birthday wish.

Resolutions are goals. Once your mind is set on a goal, it’s up to you to make it happen.

A New Year’s resolution to think about is to take risks. Taking risks should be on everyone’s resolution list because that is how you can make your resolutions happen.
However, it may be tough to take risks. There’s bumps along the way. There’s roadblocks leading you behind. It’s dangerous.

But regardless of these worries, you can still meet your goals. I have met many people who have taken incredible risks to meet their goals, and they made it. I have also met people who aren’t risk takers, and are struggling to meet their goals.

I just felt like talking about this, because of the new year. So if you’ve delayed your plans and goals from the past few years, make 2015 your year to take risks and make it happen.

Friday Favourites: Coffee, Tea and More!



As the days get chillier, and now that I’m back to school, I need my cup of coffee! Here are some coffee and tea trends this season:

  1. A Milk Frother: I absolutely love frothy milk on top of my coffee. Bodum always carries modern kitchenware, including this cool milk frother.
  2. A Witty Tumbler: Tumblers with pretty patterns often catches the eye, but tumblers with a witty phrase… well that will catch your mind. The Everygirl has some witty and funny tumblers to choose from!
  3. A Tea Tumbler: This convenient tumbler can brew tea while you are on the go!
  4. Celestial Tea: I’m not much of a tea person, however, I really like the Celestial Tea brand. They carry a lot of flavours, from sweet holiday flavours to calming floral flavours.
  5. Starbucks Keurig Cups: Make Starbucks quality coffee right in your own home!
  6. A Keurig Machine: And of course, to make that homemade Starbucks coffee, you would need the Keurig Machine. There is always a perfect amount of coffee that comes in every cup!


New Year, New Skin



For those living in a cold climate, winter must be such a hassle. Shovelling the snow, changing the tires of your car… the list goes on. A big hassle for me is dealing with dry, red skin. I have discussed my skin problem in another blog post, and for the past couple of years, winter has not been very nice to my skin. Eczema and dry skin is a common issue during the wintertime, and I have tried a few ways to handle it better. Here are my tips for winter skin relief:

  1. Cleanse and moisturize: Cetaphil carries a lot of great products for those with sensitive dry skin. I recommend cleansing and moisturizing your skin at least twice a day if you suffer from dry winter skin.
    Burt’s Bees is known for their lip balms, as well as their other products. Don’t forget to take care of your lips too!
  2. Sleep: Yes, sleep! It really works. If you are going out daily in the cold, your skin is getting tired from the coldness and wind. Your skin needs to rest and recharge, so having your slumber can help cope with the dryness.
  3. Hydrate the eye area: A lot of people forget about hydrating the eye area, but the skin around the eyes are the most delicate and sensitive, especially towards coldness. When I can, I use eyeSlices to restore and relax my eye area. Unfortunately, these are quite pricey, so I personally don’t use this quite often.
  4. Create an at home facial mask: Facial masks are fun to make and feel great too. The best part is that its an affordable and easy way to create an at home spa!


Friday Favourites: Day Planners and More!

I use my phone sometimes to jot down little reminders on my calendar. However, I am owner of handy day planner which I write in all the time and carry to school. I prefer to hand write, and see everything within just a few pages.

And of course, to start off the new year–why not get organized! It’s a great time to start writing in a day planner, especially with tons of designs and styles to choose from. Here are my favourites:

  1. Jot it down: For those on the go, this long and thin day planner will get yourself organized with just a few little notes!
  2. Get super organized: With tabs and detailed pages, you are bound to get organized with this day planner.
  3. Have it on your desk: This big day planner is meant to sit on your desk, and is great for office workers.
  4. See everything at once: Calendar style day planners allows you to see everything at once, so you know how and when to plan yourself per month.
  5. Style it up: Use sticky notes to further your organization!


Travel Guide: Airport Essentials



I know that the new year has just started, but I cannot stop thinking about Spring/Summer travel! As a university student and in my twenties, there are endless opportunities when it comes to travelling.

Graduating? Ready for Summer break? Ready for Spring break? Getting away during reading week? Breaks and vacation days are possible when you are in college, so make the most of it. Also, a lot of graduating students tend to take a year off by exploring the world.

So, for those who have the travel bug, and a new years resolution to save up and travel, here are a few tips on what to carry when you are at the airport and on the airplane.

Lift off!

  1. A cozy sweater: It can get cold on the airplane, so carrying a cozy sweater will warm you up! Also, if you wanna take a nap, using a sweater as a blanket can be a practical choice. (By the way, a lot of sweaters are on sale at Artizia right now, so you should check it out!)
  2. Journal and pen: Whether you want to record your travels, or just take quick notes along the way, carrying a journal and pen will be helpful. Technology can break down or lose connection, so if you have a thought, you can jot it down quick!
  3. Comfy sneakers: Save those flip flops and sandals when you land at your destination. Sneakers are so important when travelling, because you will always be on your feet!
  4. Make up bag: Stylish and useful, you don’t only have to put make up in your make up bag. Store in stationary, a pack of gum or even mini day planner in there!
  5. Sunglasses: If you are going to a sunny destination (like most students do), carry sunglasses! Once you land, you can easily put them on.
  6. Passport case:To keep your passport safe (and lookin’ fancy), put it in a passport case. A lot of cases also have little pockets in the inside, so you can put your plane tickets and ID cards.
  7. E-Reader: Bored on the plane? Instead of carrying one heavy book, you can carry hundreds of them in an e-reader!
  8. Cross body bag: I cannot stress to you how important it is to carry a cross body bag. Purses and totes are great, and you can carry those too along with a cross body bag. For safety and convenience, and also style of course, carry a cross body bag when travelling!

Holiday Gifts For Her: $20 Budget College Edition

Here are some lovely holiday gift ideas to give your college girls for Christmas. When it comes to gift giving between university friends, budget is key! However, you can give some great things without being too cheap.

  1. Candles: These $12 candles can carry a scent for over a day! Coming with their new holiday scents, Bath and Body Works is a great place to get candles and body products for under $20.
  2. Tumblers: Coffee drinking becomes a regular thing for every college student. Give this stylish tumbler for Christmas, and she won’t stop thanking you.
  3. Cookie Cutters: Okay, this may seem out of the ordinary to give the average college student. But it’s baking season, how can not resist to give bakeware? This cookie cutter, however, is quite out of the ordinary. It’s gigantic!
  4. Winter Accessories: …like this beanie. Warm, comfy and practical, any winter clothing accessory is easy to find under $20, such as this Brandy Melville one.
  5. Tea: David’s Tea sells premium teas from all over the world. This little gift set allows you to taste a bit of the holidays, such as an eggnog flavour.
  6. Phone Case: Style up an iPhone with these phone cases that come with witty phrases. Phone cases are commonly found within $20. You can find these ones on The Everygirl!
  7. Pyjamas: What college girl doesn’t like pyjamas? You can find a variety of them on Target, mostly under $20!